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Rishi Lakhani To Open a High End, Fair Trade Jewellery Shop in the Prestigious Location of Holbon, London.

As part of our jewellery chain expansion we’ve decided to open another store on Holborn Viaduct.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19 and the uncertainty around retail, we’ve decided to push on with store expansion. Whilst we understand businesses have opted to scale back to focus on online retail, we still believe that jewellery has a special place in peoples’ hearts and that looking at jewellery is essential before purchasing. 

We believe that jewellery is part of a small group of retail businesses that will prosper no matter what the economic climate – as clients prefer to see these items in person rather than resort to online shopping. People will inevitably still be having birthdays, weddings and anniversaries no matter what is happening on the global stage.

Rishi Lakhani have recruited a team of experienced London architects to facilitate this new venture, and are opting for a very postmodern and sleek design for this new jewellery store. Lots of open plan spaces with glass, in a minimal black and white setting to really show off the gold, silver and other precious metal jewellery items on display. 

In terms of location, we have decided upon a very quaint unit just off the main strip of shops as we wanted a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere thatn the regular hustle and bustle that you tend to find in large shopping malls, we wanted to create a more personal and relaxed environment where we can spend time with each customer individually, assessing their needs properly rather than just churning them out like a conveyor belt. Ethics and customer satsfaction are key pillars of our business model and we hope that this shows in our services in store.

As a company we strive to create better communities in the countries that we source our stones from, and that is at the heart of our business plan.

We aim to share our profits fairly with the artisans so that their towns and villages can grow, prosper and thrive as we do here in London. Every new branch that we open enables these skilled artisans and gemstone miners to improve not only their own lives but the lives of all those around them.

Going forward as a company we believe this is a very positive move in the right direction, and despite government setbacks and restrictions regarding COVID, we are very enthusiastic about this new venture in Holbon Viaduct.

We aim to have our new branch fully built and staffed by holiday season 2020, so those looking for gifts this december in Holborn are not disappointed.

We have been preparing new staff members for this new branch for some time now, given the current covid situation it has given us plenty more time to focus on proper employee satisfaction and training so that we can come back better and stronger than ever once retail returns to some state of normality.

We are still looking to employ a number of staff members for this and future branch openings, please contact us for further information about the roles required and availability. We have roles from administration, HR, management and store assistant positions.

We look forward to making your aquaintance here at Rishi Lakhani, whether it is in our new branch at Holbon Viaduct or at any of our fourteen other branches in and around greater London.

If you have any queries about the location of our new store, employment or anything else for that matter, please do not hesistae to contact us – we will be more than happy to answer your questions.