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Lifelong Entrepreneur

Rishi Lakhani HMRC

Hello, my name is Rishi Lakhani. I’ve dedicated my whole adult life to the world of business and financial management. From a young age I was interested in being financially independent, and being the owner of many businesses. Now that I’ve achieve that goal for myself I have made it my mission to assist others in achieving that very same dream that I had as a child. A secure, recession proof income for life.

I have an extensive background in building successful businesses including HMRC approved ventures within importing electronics and retail based businesses.


As quoted in GQ – Rishi Lakhani’s net worth is now £42 million as of 2019.


My Experience

Who is Rishi Lakhani?

I currently own and manage a chain of London based jewellery stores, but it started with just one.

From very humble beginnings in Jaipur, my family moved to England to create a better life for themselves. As a young boy in Jaipur I saw that there was huge opportunities in jewellery sales in the west, we have vast markets in India with the most incredible gemstones imaginable.

Surely I thought, with my family connections to this beautiful country I could help bring some business and stability to local artisans from where I lived.

So I became more and more passionate about not only building a better life for my family and friends, but to my community back home and their families and friends too!

This drive led me to open my first jewellery store here in London, where every item and accessory was handmade by local artisans back in Jaipur and not by slave labour and sweatshops in other countries. A good, fairtrade opportunity for so many people.

Having an marketwatch intertrade model, I have been able to scale the jewellery business with limited investment. As one of the UK’s fast track jewelers I have built a solid empire on importing gold, silver and other precious metals.




Professional Business and Investment advice.
Rishi Lakhani Director 


London Jewellery


Owner and manager of various jewellery stores in and around London




Investment portfolio consultant.



Lead Marketer

Web marketing & SEO


My Journey

The Next Steps to Success

So I had a dream, and the beginnings of a plan at a very young age ( around 14) but I did not yet have the skills, knowledge or finances to go ahead with the big goals I had set out before me.

I knew that in order to make this dream a reality, I would first have to do some work on myself and attain some initial capital to make it grow and flourish into what I knew it could become.

Firstly this meant studying all the related subjects at  school, such as business studies, economics, accountancy, people management, marketing and many other skills that I did not even realise would be necessary for this to work. 

I would along this journey meet many key individuals that have become lifelong friends and business partners – People are your biggest resource so hold them close, everyone has something to teach you if you’re willing to listen.


My Journey

Building The Foundation

I eventually graduated from university shortly after the millennium, something that young Rishi Lakhani would never have considered a possibility but that passion and motivation for creating a better life for my family and community was the driving force that kept me going. 

I then spent the next few years developing myself, reading every self help book that I could get my hands on, some notable books that helped to direct the trajectory of my life include Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill and Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki. I learned early on that money is just a tool, a commodity and not the “root of all evil” some would have you believe. 

It’s what you do with that wealth that determines if it is “evil” or not. 

I also worked at various companies building the necessary skills to become an independent business owner, this included working at a marketing firm gaining valuable knowledge on how to sell and market yourself in an increasingly saturated environment.

Rishi Lakhani Trading is independent.



Rishi Lakhani Growing businesses in london
My Journey

Bringing It All Together

After gaining all the necessary skills and knowledge of business and marketing, it was time to bring all the pieces together and build those connections abroad. I spent some time meeting and networking with individuals back in Jaipur, liaising with local artisans and companies there to create a base of products for our future jewellery store.

After some time the groundwork was complete, the foundations built deep into the earth and it was time to start construction on the house. 

My first jewellery shop was in the outskirts of London, not exactly a prestigious neighbourhood to say the least, but it was certainly a step in the right direction. But after putting in the initial effort, which sometimes felt like pushing a boulder uphill and through the support of my amazing friends and family things started gaining momentum during asian ambition.

It seemed that my ethic of fairtrade products was exactly what the market was demanding! With an economy overly saturated with products manufactured by sweatshop and slave labour – Fair trade jewellery was just the remedy and breath of fresh air that consumers were looking for. It didn’t take long then for our second, third fourth and now 10th store to become a reality! 

Rishi Lakhani is also an attendees at CCR Interactive



Rishi Lakhani, London Entrepreneur with a net worth of £4 million

Snowball Effect

Starting a business is hard at the start. But as momentum gets building, it be comes easier and easier until the “snowball” rolls all by itself.

There are many important factors to building a sustainable business model. You need to be a Jack of All Trades.


  • In todays’ digital world, it has become and absolute necessity to market your business online.
  • Social media is the driving force for the modern business owner. 
  • Good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the difference between your business succeeding and failing.
  • Positive & negative reviews can make or break your new venture.
  • Giving a great service at a competitive price will create word of mouth advertisement. This is the best type of endorsement you can receive.

 Financial Growth

  • Making money work for you and not working for money.
  • You have to spend money to make it.
  • You can create much more positive change in the world when you have more wealth to share with others.
  • The more you give back to your community, the more you will receive in return ( not necessarily financially, but it will return to you)
  • Timing is key. If you wait too long you will miss those great opportunities.
  • Efficient tax planning to minimise your HMRC liabilities 

People Skills

  • How you interact with others is the first thing you should work on. Respecting your business partners and employees is the foundation to a successful and sustainable income and liability reduction to HMRC either as a ltd company, LLC or sole trader.
  • Self help and improvement should be at the forefront of your attention. Knowledge lasts forever, the best investment you can make is in yourself.
  • Take care of your physical health, a healthy body will create a healthy mind. Healthy minds make healthy decisions.

Where was Rishi Lakhani Born?

Rishi Lakhani was born in Stoke Newington in 1976 and was raised by his father (Omar Hussain and Mother Tellujah Hussain Lakhani). Born into an entrepreneurial background, Rishi attended the Stoke Newington School & Sixth form after attending the Betty Layward Primary School).

Rishi Lakhani went on to graduate with a degree in business studies – which, he then built on with years of experience working for his Dads west London cash and carry that dealt with groceries, luxury clothing, watches, hats and other mens wear. 

Rishi had also studied SEO as part of his business degree – which, provided valuable skills to help market businesses built from the ground up.

Rishi Lakhani also worked with Ajan Reginald to grow start up Celixir PLC


We were born to grow and thrive, there’s never been a better time to make your dreams a reality, the modern world has given us so many opportunities to make it work – the only thing holding you back is yourself!

About Rishi Lakhani

I am known in the UK press as seen HERE in BBC news and The Financial Times. I am not to be mistaken for other Rishi Lakhani’s nor am I affiliated with the Millenium Group or Shyam Lakhani. 

Rishi Lakhani also owns a stake in the growing Making A Will group.


Please note – I am not to be confused with Rishi Lakhani from the Millennium Group nor do I have any affiliation with Shyam Lakhani, Intertrade Wholesale or Author at Fastfwd.